Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Teen fiction suggestions for Wrestlemania and reluctant readers in general

Brisick, Jamie
Have Board, Will Travel: definitive history of surf, skate and snow
YA 797.32 Bri

Crutcher, Chris
Anger at his father fuels 17 year old Bo's quest for victory in the triathlon.
J Fic Cru

Whale Talk
T.J. is a senior, great at sports who puts together a swim team of misfits, to challenge the football jocks.
YA Fic Cru

Harmon, Michael
Ian and Sammy are on the run looking for a relative that can help.
YA Fic Har

Hobbs, Will
15 year old Jesse and other teens of a wilderness survival team abandon their leader, steal a van and raft the dangerous Grand Canyon.
YA Fic Hob

Horton, Ron
Extreme Athletes.
Bios of 6 extreme sport athletes.
YA 796.046 Hor

Lipsyte, Robert
Yellow Flag
Kyle must drive his injured brother's race car. Does he want to drive or does he want to race to win?
YA fic Lip

Lopez. Jack
In the Break
Surfing is Juan's life but he drops everything to help his best friend get away from a bad home situation.
YA Fic Lop

Lynch, Chris
Me, dead Dad and Alcatraz
With the arrival of Uncle Alex, who his mother always said was dead, 14 year old Elvin learns some important truths about his family and himself.
YA Fic Lyn

Lynch, Janet Nichols
Addicted to Her
Rafa falls in love with Monique, but to please her he has to change his whole life. How can he let everyone else in his life down?
YA Fic Lyn

McGrath, Jeremy
Wide Open: a life in supercross
YA 796.756 McG

Pyron, Bobbie
The Ring
A 15 year old girl headed for juvenile detention finds an outlet through women's boxing.
YA Fic Pyr

Ralston, Aron
Between a Rock and a Hard Place
Author amputated his own arm in order to survive his climbing trip.
796.5223 Ral

Smith, Roland
Peak Marcello wants to be the youngest person to summit Mount Everest.
YA Fic Smi

List compiled by YALSA (Young Adult Library Services Assn.)

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