Monday, April 06, 2009

Way fey

Popular fiction has recently taken a supernatural direction, here are three of my favorites.

Emma Bull
War for the Oaks
Minneapolis musician Eddi is chosen as the mortal key by the Seelie Court in their battle with the Unseelie Court for the control of the city. Trying to get a handle on reality she starts a band, learning her band members aren't quite human, she uses music to fight for herself and her city.

Melissa Marr
Wicked Lovely
Aislinn, mortal who sees Faeries, is courted by the Keenan the Summer King, Donia his former queen tries to warn her away. Loving someone else, Aislynn must make a choice that will be best for her and the human world.

Nancy Werlin
Lucy has been in foster care since birth, a boy-next-door best friend, an insane mother and a curse on her family. Finding a hidden diary, Lucy believes she and her foster family can triumph over the evil being who is using her as a pawn.

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