Monday, March 02, 2009

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Elizabeth Boyle

Tempted by the Night


A magic ring grants Hermione her wish to become invisible at night to spy on Lord Rockhurst, current bad boy around London. In fact, he is a mortal, protected by faerie tendencies, guarding his district from demons--that's why he's always on the unsavory side of town. Will Rockhurst let someone else be his protector? Will Hermione feel worthy of his love? An interesting combo of historical and paranormal romance.

Joseph O'Neill
2002 New York City is the setting for this story of Hans, a Dutch man with an English wife and an American son. Scenes from his marriage, past, present and future overlap with his time alone in New York City, cricket subculture, past and present and his somewhat rocky friendship with Chuck from Trinidad. This sounds completely unlikely somehow it works: a European point of view of an American time and place and improbable connections between human beings.

Famous author is coming to Roseville!
Tobias Wolff, author of Old School will be appearing at Martha Riley Library on Friday, March 6 at 6pm. Be there or be square.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Dena,
I need to check your blog more often. I started Netherland, but couldn't make head or tail of it. Decided that I could the idea about the new New York and the mix of people, but would pass. Now I'm thinking I should pick it up again.