Friday, September 30, 2011

Mal Peet

Teen book about WWII Holland concerning espionage, passion and betrayal.

Parallel timelines--1995 London 15 year old Tamar is following a map given by her grandfather after her father disappears. In 1945, Trained by British intelligence two men parachute into Holland to organize the conflicting resistance groups against the Germans. Tamar is in love with Marijke and hoping to make a life with her after the war. One his first mission, radio operator Dart is in constant fear of discovery. An exciting story about young men fighting evil but fearful of reprisals to their acts of rebellion and sabotage. A shortage of food drives the resistance to desperation ending in an attack on a German general. As the Germans exact their revenge Tamar and Dart are driven to the edge. Unusual setting, interesting characters and a mystery make this book a great choice for anyone.

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