Friday, September 30, 2011

Max Brooks
World War Z

Now that the zombie war is over—it’s time to assess the psychological effect on humanity.

Mr. Brooks submits this U.N. assessment report ten years after the zombie plague has swept the earth. We hear from a Chinese doctor encountering the first victims locked in a hospital, a human smuggler transporting desperate refugees to Pakistan, an astronaut observing the lights going out around the world, an American soldier in the first coordinated standoff in upstate New York. Snapshots of a world gone mad, humans flee to the tundra to escape the zombie mobs but without adequate food or shelter, they go feral; a government administrator re-training white collar workers to dig latrines and shear sheep; a film producer creating propaganda films to stop the mass suicides. Not about zombies really, but people confronting hysteria, grief, fear, greed, hunger, climate change and social upheaval. Read it before the 2012 movie with Brad Pitt.

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