Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Jenny Cain mysteries by Nancy Pickard

Lets go back a few years to a paperback whodunit series that you may have missed. Jenny Cain lives in Port Frederick, MA and works as the head of a charitable foundation. But this isn't a Jessica Fletcher cozy, Jenny is lonely, a bit insecure in her important position, her mother is in a coma and her sister hates her. She gets involved in a mystery by her family members, old friends or the foundation. For example in No Body, the third book in the series, her sixth grade teacher stumbles across an empty Civil War era graveyard, thus the title. Jenny's guy, a policeman, is out of town and his replacement is a real jerk. She follows the evidence despite him, working with a reporter to figure out who is killing the employees of a funeral home. Not just another cozy filled with quirky endearing characters, Pickard writes people of substance, with feelings and realistic reactions, some with not-so-nice qualities, some just creeps. So the overall effect is a bit funny, a bit sad and quite engaging. Plus I never can figure out who done it.

first book: Generous Death

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