Saturday, February 10, 2007

Rainy Day Romance
The books I would re-read on a rainy day like today............

Ride a Painted Pony
Kathleen Eagle
Contemporary. Joey, hiding from a mobster who has kept their child, is picked up by Nick, a scarred Sioux horse rancher. Keeping their own secrets, they come together because of a talented racehorse. The mob, a baby, horses, a big silent hero and a woman who is passionate about her career and her child--what more can you ask for? I've loved everything Ms. Eagle has written. Not part of a series.

To Wed a Stranger
Edith Layton
Historical. Annabelle at 27, agrees to an arranged marriage to Miles, an average man to her exceptional beauty, but after contracting influenza and losing her looks, she has to look deeper into herself and her new husband. This is an out-of-the-box story, the heroine is difficult to love and the hero is not in love with his wife, at least not until mid-story. Typical of Ms. Layton, the plot is driven by interesting dialogue. One of a loosely connected series.

Big Girls Don't Cry
Brenda Novak
Contemporary. Keith is married to two women, his first wife is Reenie, who is humiliated and angry that she and their three kids weren't good enough for him. Isaac is the brother of Elizabeth (wife #2) and he's the one who exposed Keith as a bigamist. So why on earth are Reenie and Isaac falling in love? Now this is a plot! Ms. Novak makes this work and is realistic about her characters' feelings, even Keith is made human. Part of her Dundee, Idaho series.

I'm stopping at three because that is my personal record for number of books started and completed in one day. Remember to check out the Roseville Library website for information about Roseville Reads -- John Steinbeck's The Pearl.

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