Saturday, February 17, 2007

Begin to Knit

Never one to follow fads or trends, I've just learned how to knit, about two years after the knitting craze. The Dewey number for knitting is 746.432.

here's the books I used to learn

Sarah Bradberry
Kids Knit!: simple steps to nifty projects
Simple stuff but fun, good line drawings explain the basic stitches. I made the drawstring purse for my niece and headbands for my daughters.

Peg Blanchette
Kids' Easy Knitting Projects
This got me started, I think it is a bit more advanced. I knit a really ugly scarf for my long-suffering husband.

Shannon Okey
For that teen girl in all of us, hip stuff with bright yarns and color photos to show you the techniques.

For you knitters with more experience, we have adult books too. Maybe I will get to these books eventually.

Coming soon: an interview with mystery writer Robin Burcell, who will be a guest speaker on April 20 at A Night of Mystery, which will be held at Maidu Library.

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