Saturday, October 14, 2006

Hurry up Halloween!!
Ghosts, goblins and other supernatural stories.

Treasure Box
Orson Scott Card
At age 11, Quentin Fears is devastated by his older sister Lizzy's death. Subsequently, he grows up to be a lonely man, obsessed with memories of Lizzy. He becomes extremely wealthy, yet everything he does centers around Lizzy. He even picks a wife who reminds him of her. Madeleine, the woman with whom he falls in love and marries in a matter of weeks, turns out to be an apparition invented by an evil witch.

Penguin Complete Ghost Stories of M.R. James
M. R. James

A Kiss of Fate
Mary Jo Putney
An excellent historical romance with a nice touch of fantasy. The setting is Scotland during the unsettled time when Bonnie Prince Charlie tried to take the throne. Gwynne thinks that she is a mundane, an ordinary human, but she is well aware of the Guardians's mystical powers to cast spells and influence human events.

The Moon Lamp
Mark Smith
Greg has inherited "the old Hoitt place," and he and Winnie spend a couple of years laboriously restoring an authentic colonial look to the farmhouse. The Linquists' favorite activity during their many dinner parties is to regale visitors with the seemingly innumerable anecdotes related to the ghosts who haunt their home.

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and other stories
Robert Louis Stevenson

Michael Stewart
Settling into an old farmhouse with his photographer financee, Hazel, and her young son, Matthew throws himself into Shawcrosse's studies of a drug-induced bridge between mind and matter. His obsession is strong enough to summon the spirit of Isabel.

Bram Stoker

The Ghost Stories of Edith Wharton
Edith Wharton

Gothic tales of terror; classic horror stories from Great Britain, Europe and the United States 1765-1840

This blog will take a two week break. Interestingly, so will I. Be safe.

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