Saturday, June 10, 2006

Histy Misty Listy*
*Historical Mystery list

Rhys Bowen
Molly Murphy Series
Murphy's Law
British born author Rhys Bowen has written a fun and cozy chronicle of murder and intrigue on Ellis Island at the turn of the last Century. Her new Irish-American heroine, firebrand Molly Murphy, is fun to follow along the East Side, West Side and all around the Town on the Sidewalks of old New York.

Barbara Cleverly
Joe Sandilands series
The Last Kashmiri Rose
In the 1920s, a serial killer targets the wives of Britons attached to the military Bengal Greys near Calcutta. Disguised as accidents, the murders go undetected until the latest, the purported suicide of a young wife, finally attracts the attention of investigator Joseph Sandilands.

Carola Dunn
Daisy Dalrymple series
Death at Wentwater Court
The setting is 1923 England, a tumultuous time--the nation is recovering from the Great War and changing social mores threaten the status quo. The Honourable Daisy Dalrymple (daughter of a Viscount) has decided to pursue a career as a writer and journalist rather than be financially supported by her family (shocking!).

C.L. Grace
Kathryn Swinbrooke series
A Shrine of Murders
Readers who know Chaucer's Canterbury Tales will enjoy this medieval mystery in which a clever murderer's doggerel verse provides clues as to who his poison victims will be. In Canterbury, the town fathers, worried that fearful pilgrims will shun the city and its lucrative shrine and relic trade, seek the help of Katherine Swinbrooke, a physician and herbalist.

Kerry Greenwood
Phryne Fisher series
Murder in Montparnasse
From its exotic Australian locale, through its fascinating 1920s setting, to its flamboyant heroine, Greenwood's Phryne (rhymes with Briny) Fisher series is a winner on all counts.

Robin Paige
Kate Ardleigh Sheridan series
Death at Gallows Green
The Robin Paige Victorian mystery series begins in the mid 1890s and continues through the early years of the reign of Edward VII. The books feature two sleuths: Kate Ardleigh Sheridan and Sir Charles Sheridan.

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