Saturday, June 17, 2006

Father's Day Treats

James Carroll
White Apples
Vincent Ettrich is in a tight spot. He has died and been brought back to life to help save his unborn son from evil and chaotic forces who want to prevent this son from becoming the savior of the universe.

Gordon Churchwell
Expecting: one man's uncensored memoir of pregnancy
A funny, honest account of a regular guy's response to his wife's first pregnancy and a serious investigation of this "weird juncture" in the history of the family, when some men are trying to find ways to participate more directly in child-rearing.

Ron Hansen
A father travels to Mexico to recover his son's body and tries to understand his son's life.

Spencer Johnson
The One Minute Father: the quickest way for you to help your children learn to like themselves and want to behave themselves

Ivan Sergeevich Turgenev
Fathers and Sons
Quite controversial at the time of its publication, Fathers and Sons concerns the inevitable conflict between generations and between the values of traditionalists and intellectuals.

Earl Woods
Training a Tiger: a father's guide to raising a winner in both golf and life
An educator, top-ranked college ball player and Green Beret who served in Vietnam, Earl Woods reveals the instruction and training secrets that went into raising a child who might be the greatest golfer ever.

Don't forget the Janet Evanovich Bookfest on Saturday, June 24 at Barnes & Noble Booksellers on Galleria Boulevard. The author will start signing her books at 6:30pm. Pick up a coupon at the library and a portion of your purchase will support the Friends of the Roseville Library.

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