Saturday, October 08, 2011

Isaac Marion
Warm Bodies

A zombie love story with characters you can identify with, music by Sinatra and the Beatles.

R is a zombie whose days are filled with groaning, riding escalators, one word conversations, and an occasional hunt for humans in the nearby city. But R thinks about his world and feels pity toward his victims, during one life-altering encounter his........meal........ triggers intense memories and feelings. So R does the unprecedented and saves an teenage girl who should have been the second course. He is changing into something more........human. Julie is scared but defiant. Her whole life has been dedicated to survival of the human race currently trapped in small military enclaves awaiting the next undead onslaught. Together with sympathetic humans and zombies, they try to create a more humane world. Unusual plot with a familiar theme-- young idealists changing the world.

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