Saturday, April 26, 2008

guys in white hats

C.J. Box
Joe Pickett series
Open Season
Set in Wyoming, Game Warden Joe Pickett, is a hard-working man with his principles intact. Kind of unusual in fiction, but not in this list. The setting is really a large part of the story as Pickett is in the middle between environmentalists and ranchers/developers. Joe is the key to the story, his character is very rich, he isn't perfect so he is likeable. A very good story to start off a great series.

Donald Harstad
Carl Houseman
Eleven Days
Deputy Sheriff Carl Houseman has a dry sense of humor which contrasts nicely with the humidity of the Iowa summer. Satanic cults and ritualistic killing makes this a high tension thriller with a low-key, no nonsense narrator who keeps up the one-liners. Lots of fun with this series, which I confess a partiality for since I am an Iowan.

Craig Johnson
Walt Longmire series
The Cold Dish
Set in Wyoming, Sheriff Longmire is a widower, a father and a good friend. He is also in charge of the murder investigation of Cody Pritchard, who raped Melissa Little Bird, but got off easy with a suspended sentence. Lots of humor, textured characters and a protagonist that is easy to like. Wonderfully written, the descriptions of Wyoming countryside brought the story to life. I really enjoyed this book and the ending was quite a surprise.

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