Saturday, January 12, 2008

Let's get graphic!

Comics, comix, comic books or graphic novels have a long tradition of visual and written communcation that is compelling and appealing for all ages.

Scott McCloud
Understanding Comics: the invisible art
history, definitions, elements of comic style

Pierre Couperie
A history of the comic strip
history and criticism

Paul Gravett
Manga: sixty years of Japanese comics

Bradford Wright
Comic book nation: the transformation of youth culture in America

David Phelps
Reading the funnies: essays on comic strips

McSweeney's Quarterly Concern, No. 13: an assorted sampler of North American comic drawings, strips, and illustrated stories, etc.

This is just the serious stuff we have lots of Marvel, DC, manga of various imprints, Maus, Adolf and many more. Please stop in the library and just ask.

My favorites: Adventures of Spiderman and Tintin: Land of Black Gold, but Bone is pretty good too, and Fun Home is really unique and ....................

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