Saturday, December 01, 2007

A Puppy for Christmas??

Books and videos to help you decide if this is the right time..........

DVD Raising your dog with the Monks of New Skete 2005

The Puppy Owner's Manual by Diana Delmar 2001

Pup Parenting: a guide to raising a happy, well-trained dog by Lynn Lott 2006

How to be your dog's best friend: the classic training manual for dog owners 2002

Adoptable Dog: teaching your adopted pet to obey, trust and love you by John Ross 2003

Happy dog: how busy people care for their dogs by Arden Moore 2003

DVD Dogs for Dummies 2004

636.7 is the Dewey number for dogs both in non-fiction and DVDs.

For a glimpse at purebred dogs check out the American Kennel Club

For adoptable dogs in Roseville: Placer County SPCA

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