Saturday, May 12, 2007

Book review of Silver Lies by Ann Parker

Inez Stannert, owns a saloon in 1879 Leadville, Colorado along with two other partners, Abe, a freedman and Mark, her husband who disappeared six months ago. When her friend's husband is killed behind the saloon, Inez searches for the killer because the town of Leadville has silver fever and the local silver baron doesn't want trouble. Full fledged characters surround the interesting and very human, Inez. She worries about her husband and can't believe he is dead. Inez is also attracted to the handsome, dangerous Reverend Sands, while missing her newborn son, who is staying with her sister back East. Lots of depth to the characters, real old West flavor, a twisty plot and a heroine who fights the good fight but is surprised again and again by her friends and her enemies. I really liked this book and I'm currently reading the sequel, Iron Ties.

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