Saturday, March 03, 2007

My review of Robin Burcell's Every Move She Makes.

First in the Kate Gillespie series. Kate is the first female homicide detective for the San Francisco Police Department and she faces discrimination from her fellow officers, but when her partner, Sam, is suspected of killing his wife, he contacts Kate to clear his name. Kate believes Sam is innocent but someone is trying to kill her, is it Paolini, a businessman with Mob connections or Dex, an ex-cop who might be dirty? Torrance, an Internal Affairs officer, is assigned to protect Kate, and the romantic sparks fly. Realistic dialogue and snapshots of San Francisco makes this police procedural very enjoyable. Suspenseful with a heroine who holds herself to a higher standard because everyone is waiting for her to break down. I liked this mystery with its fast pace, intriguing heroine and smart plot.

Let me know what you think. Ms. Burcell will be speaking on April 20 at Maidu Library.

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Channon said...

You write very well.