Saturday, December 30, 2006

New Year's Resolutions

613.25 Guiliano
French Women Don't get Fat (link)

613.25 Rippe
Weight Watchers-Weight Loss that Lasts: break through the 10 big diet myths (link)

613.2 Hark
Nutrition for Life (link)

613.71 Evans
Instant Stretches for stress relief (yoga)

155.9 LaRoche (audiocassette)
Relax--you may only have a few minutes left: using the power of humor to overcome stress in your life and work (link)

616.84 Perlmutter
The Better Brain Book: the best tools for improving memory and sharpness and for preventing aging of the brain (brain gain)

649.1 Ginsburg
A Parent's Guide to Building Resilience in Children and Teens (parenting)

306.81 Gottman
Ten Lessons to Transform your Marriage

302 Rath
Vital Friends: the people you can't afford to live without

158.24 Atkins
I'm OK, you're my parents: how to overcome guilt, let go of anger, and create a relationship that works

I've added links to quite a few of these some are directly related to the title, some are not.
Have a safe weekend and a happy new year!

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