Saturday, August 19, 2006

Let's read our way--Back to School

School is the setting for these titles--please bring a #2 pencil.

Getting In
James Finney Boylan
Three adults and four high-school seniors undertake a journey of self-discovery when they set off in a Winnebago on a tour of eastern colleges.

Twenty Questions
Alison Clement
It could have been, maybe should have been, June lying in the county morgue. After all, the murderer stopped to help her fix her broken car, and when she declined his offer of a ride, he went on to strangle Vernay Hanks, the mother of a girl who attends the elementary school where June works.

Hometown Legend
Jerry B. Jenkins
Lonely widower Cal Sawyer is juggling several balls at once: raising his teenage daughter Rachel, helping coach the down-at-the-heels Athens City High football team, and trying to keep the American Leather Football Company from going belly up.

The Cheese Monkeys
Chip Kidd
Tells the story of one boy's discovery of graphic design in college and his talented and cruel professor. The "novel in two semesters" follows our narrator through his first year at the ubiquitous "State U."

The Bluest Blood
Gillian Roberts
Part of the Amanda Pepper series set in a Philadelphia prep school.

If You Knew Me
Anne Richardson Roiphe
Microbiologist Leah Rose has retreated to her childhood summer home to await scientific inspiration. Alone there, as in the city, and lonely, though loathe to admit it, she moves slowly into a relationship with Ollie Marcus, a local high school teacher burdened with the care of his retarded sister.

Curtis Sittenfeld
A self-conscious outsider navigates the choppy waters of adolescence and a posh boarding school's social politics in Sittenfeld's A-grade coming-of-age debut.

For all you avid readers.......Sorry I missed posting last week--I actually took a Saturday off! Please post comments so I will know you are out there.

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