Saturday, May 27, 2006

Memorial Day: remembering people who have died
Listed below are titles concerning death, dying and grieving, things we generally don't want to think about but this is the holiday to remember........

Mitch Albom
Five People You Meet in Heaven
As the novel opens, readers are told that Eddie, unsuspecting, is only minutes away from death as he goes about his typical business at the park. Albom then traces Eddie's world through his tragic final moments, his funeral, and the ensuing days as friends clean out his apartment and adjust to life without him.

Judith Guest
Ordinary People
When older son Buck dies in a boating accident and surviving son Conrad attempts suicide the difference between the American dream and American reality becomes painfully apparent.

Roland Merullo
Golfing with God
Merullo blends knowledge of the game with glimpses into his spiritual journey in this engaging story of golf, the after-life and "the spiritual education of one soul."

Lolly Winston
Good Grief
Throughout this heartbreaking, gorgeous look at loss, Winston imbues her heroine and her narrative with the kind of grace, bitter humor and rapier-sharp realness that will dig deep into a reader's heart and refuse to let go.

Camron Steve Wright
Letters for Emily
Before losing his mind to Alzheimer's, Harry Whitney composes a book of poems for his favorite granddaughter that he hopes will heal the entire family.

Sorrow's Company: Great Writers on Loss and Grief
DeWitt Henry, editor
Henry reminds readers of the fragmented nature of modern life, rootless and deprived of the rituals that ease us through such passages as serious illness and death. His anthology examines survivors' responses to death, drawn from their writing.

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