Saturday, May 13, 2006

Happy Mother's Day!
Books listed below will make you smile about the foibles of being a mom.

Erma Bombeck
Just Wait Until You Have Children of Your Own
Chapters include: The hands that hold the car keys rule the world, The family that plays together gets on each other's nerves and Stone age versus rock age

Raffaella Barker
Hens Dancing
Meet Venetia Summers, a charmingly disorganized, thirtysomething single mom who's doing her best to raise her kids and keep her sanity in a rural English cottage amidst a maelstrom of pets, plants, and wacky relatives.

Allison Pearson
I Don't Know How She Does It
This book is a rare and beautiful hybrid: a devastatingly funny novel that's also a compelling fictional world. You want to climb inside this book and inhabit it. However, you might find it pretty messy once you're in there.

Karen Karbo
Motherhood Made a Man Out of Me
Is an uproariously funny yet frank take on modern motherhood. While she carves her commentary with a razor wit, the author serves up equally sharp insights into the intense kinship among pregnant women and new mothers.

Jennifer Warner
Little Earthquakes
Weiner's novel centers around four new mothers, all of whom must learn to adjust their lives and their marriages to deal with the challenges of raising children.

Jean Kerr
Please Don't Eat the Daisies
This timeless audiobook, originally published in 1957, sounds as fresh as a daisy. Kerr writes about family life, pets, the New York theater culture and everything else from dieting to having an operation.

Danielle Crittendon
bright @ home
As she slogs through her day with five-year-old Ben (dangerously on the verge of flunking preschool) and three-year-old Sophie, Amanda, a former NEA publicist, soon stops deluding herself that she is "not a homemaker," just temporarily at home to care for her children.

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